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Writer, Motorcyclist, Mental Skills Coach, Hiker, and Adventurer

Lynda Lahman

About Lynda

Lynda loves to hike, run, explore, and ride motorcycles when she isn’t writing or listening to the stories people love to share. She started riding bikes at fifteen when a boyfriend taught her on his Honda 50. Leaving motorcycles behind until meeting her second husband in 2004, she is now the only person to complete the eleven-day Iron Butt Rally as a pillion (twice) and as a solo rider (once).

Lynda's Books

In addition to her writing, Lynda has a private practice as a Mental Skills Coach. Drawing on more than thirty-five years of experience as a psychotherapist, with additional training in sports psychology, she helps athletes break through mental barriers to reach their personal best, get back after injuries, and find pleasure in their sport. In her role as a Life Coach, Lynda also helps adults looking to make positive changes in their lives. She works with clients both in person and virtually, and when not traipsing around the world with her husband, Terry, claims Snoqualmie, Washington as her home base.

She brings her many worlds together in the ‘Ask Lynda’ column for WomenADVrider.com magazine