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Writer, Motorcyclist, Mental Skills Coach, Hiker, and Adventurer

The Story: Of Love, Loss, and Memories

What are the stories you hold that define you? What if - instead of helping you in life - they are holding you back and keeping you from connecting with those you love?

In 'The Story: of Love, Loss, and Memories,' Shelly must answer that question as she confronts the pressures from family members, all of whom are dealing with a loved one's diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Is she really the 'good kid,' or is that as much a story as her brother being the 'troublemaker?' And what happens when you can no longer remember who you are and forget your own stories?

Alzheimer's robs one of memories over time, and can often wreak havoc on the families affected. This dreaded disease becomes  a catalyst for a deeper discussion of identity and love as Shelly tries to find the balance between being a devoted caregiver and holding boundaries against attack.

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